Private School – Cheltenham

We were contracted by the school to remove asbestos containing textured coating (Artex) to ceilings prior to a new electrical system being installed. Works needed to be carried out to a tight timescale in the Easter holidays so our works and the electrical re-wiring could all be completed before the children arrived back at in their dormitories.

We then implememnted a school asbestos management plan with resulted with removal works being carried out in 4 different areas. The asbestos removal was carried out using 2 teams of operatives under 2 enclosures. The floors were sheeted out with polythene to prevent cross contamination and to stop causing any minor damage. All doorways were sheeted out and sealed. Airlocks for waste and transit were also erected. The enclosures were then placed under negative pressure. The textured coating was sprayed with a fibre suppressant and taken down with the plasterboard ceiling which was also being treated as contaminated waste. Once removed and double bagged the areas underwent an environmental clean using H type Vacuums and adhesive wipes.

All works were carried out to schedule, area self-certified and handed back to the client with plenty of time for the electrical works to be done before the children were due back to start the new school term.

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